We need

– Money for buying children and adults pampers

Earlier we have gotten children and adult pampers from our Finnish partners and sent them with humanitarian aids to Ukraine and other countries. Due to the change in humanitarian aids, we are not able to send pampers no more. But pampers are the number one need for poor families. We are trying to collect money and buy pampers from countries that they are needed.

– Money for invalid’s needs

We have many families in Ukraine and other countries who need proper wheelchairs for children and adults. Also walkers and other invalids requirements.



  • Volkswagen micro-bus with seats for the transport of people and humanitarian aid. We transport food and aid every week in and outside of Estonia. We also drive older Jewish people to synagogue and cemetery;


  • Trailer with lid, for weekly food and firewood delivery, also for gathering humanitarian aid;


  • Sea containers for storage of food and stuff and sending to Ukraine and elsewhere. Having our own sea containers enables to save money due to avoiding high rental fees;


  •  Operational home appliances (washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, electric cookers) for families with  children, who are in needs ;
  •  Mattresses and bedclothes for hosting people from Ukraine’s crisis sites;
  •  Travel bags, suitcases, backpacks for people, who’s from Ukraine’s crisis sites.

Financial donations:

  • For organizing monthly food aid / for delivery;
  • For buying food for Shabbat tables in Ukraine;
  • For Blood Pressure equipment, etc.


When you are making bank transfers, please note which project you would like to support (below)


REG KOOD: 80350010


ARVELDUSARVE: EE271010220214386225


Postal address

MTÜ Hea Isa

Lõuna 5a, Viljandi 7 1014