Dear friends!

I am glad to announce that we are once again back from a trip to Ukraine, which took place 18-25 September.
I was accompanied on this trip by Tõnu Laikre and Merle Jaanverk from Tallinn. We flew by plane through Vilnius and saw a lot of Jews in Vilnius airport, who were all flying with us to Ukraine, the city of Uman, in order to greet the new year of 5778.
The purpose of our trip was to deliver mobility equipment and financial aid to the cripple Sergei, so that he could finish repairing his home. We also purchased the rabbi Pavel a blood pressure monitor, delivered medicines to Jewish pensioners, bought them food and gifted them a liter of honey for Rosh Hashanah and wished them a sweet new year.
The city of Uman has a population of 80 000. At the middle of September tens of thousands of Jews arrive from all over the world for the purpose of celebrating the new year. This year there were 40 000 attendees.
The majority of the inhabitants of the city earn their living by accommodating the Jews and providing all kinds of services.
The official currency of Ukraine is hryvnia, but when the Jews arrive, the dollar goes temporarily into circulation. Prices rise ten times. Shops and accommodation establishments located in Jewish neighborhood only accept American dollars.
Since this was Tõnu’s and Merle’s first trip to Ukraine and Uman, we tried to take them to as many Jewish homes as possible, so that they could see their living conditions and the kind of help that they need.
We also visited Uman’s Messianic Church and Uman’s Word of Life church, where Merle and Tõnu shared God’s Word, personal testimonies and prayed for the sick.
I believe that they had a great experience, which will encourage them to go out once again in order to serve other people and nations.
We are still receiving donations in order to help the cripple Sergei finish repairing his home. It is necessary to develop a heating system and restore the stove.
I will add photos.
Wishing you a sweet new year!