I am once again back from a 10-day trip to Ukraine.

Three other people accompanied me on this trip, Sander Kukk from Tallinn, Svetlana and Toivo from Kuhi Riisipere.
The purpose of this trip was to go to the Jews of the city of Uman and to help them out with our own hands. To not only talk to them, but to also physically help them and to demonstrate the love of God through our works. I have visited the Jews in Ukraine for 5 years and before going on this trip I thought, that there was nothing that could surprise me, but God is big and He surprised me once more. God opened new and amazing doors in ministering to them. But now about everything that happened in order.

When we arrived in Uman, we met Pavel and Natasha Zaharov, who are messianic Jews. I have very good relations with orthodox Jews. So I contacted their new leader and asked them to provide me the addresses of Jewish pensioners. We began visiting them, hearing them out and helping them in anyway possible.
A Jewish pensioner receives about 50 euros every month. In contrast, the utilities bill is also about 50 euros. Basically there is no money left for food and other needs. I managed to find about 20 Jewish pensioners in the city of Uman.
There is a Jewish organization in Ukraine called Hesset, who help Jewish pensioners by purchasing additional food and sometimes by paying for medicine. We found out that the Hesset organization had not managed to help them out for two months, because they had not received the necessary payments.
We had truly arrived at the right time and so we purchased the best food possible and also some medicines. One food basket cost around € 50.
I thank every donor for every euro donated to this cause. It was powerful to see, how touched the Jews were, when we bought them food and medicine. They thanked and blessed us hundreds of times. Naturally, we also prayed for them.
It is my great desire, that every donor would see these Jews, in whose life they have sown financially and to hear their wonderful praises.

On the third day we went to a lame Jewish man called Sergei. We have helped him over the years with food, medicine, money and equipment for disabled, but unfortunately we were not aware, that he did not have water, a WC and washing facilities in his small private house (one bedroom and a kitchen). They had a great desire to change the wallpaper in their home, but they said, that they did not have enough to buy the wallpaper (30 euros). So we went and helped them with the removal of the old wallpaper. The walls were made of clay and therefore were crooked. We bought them the new wallpaper, filler and helped them to plaster the walls, to straighten them out, to paint the walls and then to put the new wallpaper on there.

We invited people from the local church and volunteers. The local messianic Jews were used to ministering to the other Jews from the pulpit so to speak, but not with their own bare hands. But they really liked helping out physically as they also got to speak of the acts of God and Yeshua.

To my “surprise” a 33 year old man, who was born in Georgia, ended up among the volunteers. He used to be a Muslim, but in his heart he felt, that this Muslim faith is wrong and so he sought truth. Two weeks before our arrival in Ukraine, he had also come to Ukraine to seek “truth” and he met up with some Christians and got saved. When he finally met me, I told him that we help Jews. Hearing this, he began to speak of his grandmother who was a Jew. So I began telling him of the nation of Israel and of the opportunity to go back to his homeland Israel. He was very open and interested. Immediately I got in contact with the organization called Ezra, that helps the Jews in Ukraine to find the corresponding documents and to file the necessary paperwork so that they could return to their homeland. This young man had 8 sisters/brothers in Georgia. I believe that they also will one day end up in the land of their forefathers, Israel.


I was VERY surprised how God once again sent a young Jewish man on my path so that I could speak to him of Israel and to help him out in getting back home. I see again and again, that I am God’s fisherman, who God has sent out into smaller cities and rural communities to find the Jews and to help to get them back to the land of their forefathers. I am willing to go, but I need equipment and support.
Sergei’s house is need of an extension. The local baptist church had already built two small additional rooms to his house. One room was about 3×3 meters in size, it was for his daughter and the other room was 2×3 meters, where they would install a toilet, a shower and a sink. I promised, that we would find the money and would help them plaster the walls and to wallpaper his daughter’s room and not only that, but to also fix the ceiling, the floor, to tile the bathroom, to buy a toilet, a shower and a sink. The locals agreed to do this work free of charge.
We helped and ministered to the Jewish families from early morning till late in the evening.
There is also a Jewish family there, a mother and her 16-year old daughter. They live in an apartment, where they have no hot water. We wanted to help them out by buying a hot water boiler and a shower faucet, so that the school going Jewish child could was herself and take a shower (children tend to be mocked and harassed in school, if they smell or are generally unclean). We cannot help everybody at once, but step by step we can do it with your help. As it is written in the Bible. 1 Corinthians 3:6 “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase”. Everyone does his own small part and in this way we can help many and when we go to heaven, God will say: “Well done, you good and faithful servant!”

Saturday morning we visited a messianic Jewish congregation, where they danced and worshiped God for hours.

After lunch we rented a cafe and served a table for 20 Jewish pensioners. The menu consisted of simple dishes such as baked potatoes with a large chicken leg, salad, sliced herring, cheeses, candies and chocolates that we brought with us from Estonia. For the Jews, it was a great gift (lunch for 20 people costed 150 euros). They ate and drank the best of the land. We managed to bless them and be a blessing to them.
Music plays a very important role in the lives of the Jews. We asked Pavel and Natasha to come and play instruments and to sing Jewish songs. The Jewish retirees who had arrived were all 70-80+ years old. Every one of them had a health issue, but when they heard good music, they all quickly stood up and started to dance and sing. I will add photos.

The fellowship lasted five hours and in the end we prayed for every Jew in the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We were unable to speak to everyone about Yeshua.

On Sunday we visited the Word of Life church in Uman and ministered to the them with the Word of God and prayers. The line for prayer was unending. All who are with us always get to minister to both Jews and Christians with all of their God given gifts.
I wrote to you earlier, that a couple of months ago a good friend of mine, Tatjana Fjodorova, leader of the local Jewish community, died in the city of Uman. She was saved, but ministered to and lead non-believing Jews. She also had a son called Jaakob, about 50-years old. He was also saved and knows Yeshua. When his mother died, Jaakob fell into a depression and went back to the orthodox Jews, but the Holy Spirit raised him up quickly and performed a miracle. I spoke to Jaakob and let him know that I support his doings and will help him in this matter. Please pray for Jaakob. I will add a photo of us.
In the end, God surprised me by arranging a meeting with Ljudmilla, the leader of the Hesset organization in Uman.
I inquired about the number of Jewish retirees in Uman. To my knowledge there were supposed to be about 20 or a maximum of 50, but the leader of Hesset informed me that the official number was close to 200, but unofficially there were more. She had already heard from the mayor of Uman, that “some” Ants was going around helping Jews. After speaking to me, she was willing to provide the addresses of the 200 Jewish retirees in order that we may visit and help them.
It was a powerful offer, which displayed great trust.
I can see that not every Jew will make it back to their homeland Israel due to their age, but when we speak to them at the right time through caring and through the love of God about Yeshua, then they will enter into the eternal, heavenly Jerusalem.
I plan to go again to Ukraine, city of Uman, in the month of September. This would take place 10-25 September. I invite and will take along friends on this trip, who would like to help and bless the Jews with their own hands.
For you, this trip would take place 18-25 September. On the 21st of September the Jews celebrate their New Year and at that time about 40 thousand orthodox Jews come from all over the world to Uman to celebrate the New Year together. This is a powerful image. Uman is called the second Israel. If you are interested in this trip, then please contact me.
I really, really thank you all, who have supported us faithfully and that we have been able to help and bless the Jews. This is practical Christianity.