First of October, we celebrated Israel’s New Year, it is called Rosh Hashanah, in Türi Missionchurch, what is based on biblical holiday, one of the seventh-Yom Terua.

The newly expanded and ceremonial look hall accommodated more than 150 people from several churches in Estonia.

Joy and unity family feeling was real and reminded early “90s.

We were honoured by the presence of Abraham and Isaac’s descendants by birth, from Jews community of Pärnu.

Israeli songs in Hebrew, which were easy to sing along, brought to us by Margit Prantsus.

About serving Jews, by example of Ukraine (feetless man called Sergey story, story of mother and daughter, who are making departure documents)were spoken by Ants Opermann.

To Israel, God ordained seven holydays and temporal pattern of meaning, was taught by Neemo Raasik, also, Andrei Root, from Viljandi, presented the most serious message of the evening:

If members of the church are use to stand before Lord with their own needs at prayer-meetings, now they have experienced that it should be on the contrary.

“The Unity, what we yearn for, comes from praying for Israel” was spoken and delivered from Andrei Root.


The Jewish community representative Anna felt thrilled and thanked people personally, who helped cleaning Pärnu Jewish cemetery in the spring.

“i hope that when ever we need help, we can count on you” she said, admitting that although “we do not have quite the same faith, we still live in the same sky, and we have a language that unites us – love and respect for the Creator and his creation a “.

At the end of the event, there was collecting donations for supporting the Jews and people enjoyed food (Israels traditional hummus,falafels, spicy casseroles and traditional dessert: apples with honey) by chef Frances.

In order to be a sweet year, apples in honey are eaten in the Holy Land, and  people wishes each other  – “Shanah Tovah'”.