In October we began to collect clothes in order to send them to the Jewish community that resides in Berdicheva Ukraine. After a short while it became clear that no shipping organization was willing to deliver the humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The reason behind this is due to the fact that dealing with humanitarian aid is big business in Ukraine and whether your aid manages to get over the border or not, that is decided on the border by the customs broker. The cargo may either be let through, arrested or even confiscated. Therefore the sending of clothes to Ukraine fell through.

In November there was a wave of fires in Israel where ~75 000 people lost their homes. We got in touch with an Israeli organization and inquired whether they were interested in receiving clothes aid. The answer was yes. We sent out information to our Estonian Christian friends, that we would be collecting clothes for Israeli Jews. Hanna-Kerli Mestala spoke of the clothes aid collection campaign on the local Christian radio “Pereraadio”.

Clothes were being collected in almost every city and being sent to Tallinn, where we had our shipping container warehouse. We were in dire need of extra space in order to sort and package the sent clothes. Help arrived from a businessman Urmo, who rented a site cabin and generator, so that we could have electricity and heat in the cabin. This additional expense cost several thousand euros.

The clothes were received in Tallinn by Sander Kukk, who also arranged the sorting of the clothes. He managed to find people, who were willing to help in sorting and packaging. We required 500 banana packing boxes. All of the clothes were sorted, marked and packaged into the aforementioned boxes. When all of this was done, we proceeded to weight the cargo. This was done by taking each box out of the container and weighting it separately in order to calculate the total weight. After that we began to fill out the customs paperwork, which took quite a bit of time, almost 1,5 months.

By the beginning of February the customs were in order and on the 7th of February we received our seaworthy shipping container. Good men loaded the container up with banana packing boxes and then the container was transported to the customs warehouse. On the 13th of February the container was loaded onto a ship and began moving towards Israel. The shipment should arrive in Israel by the 6th of March.

The fact that we managed to collect so many clothes during such a short of amount of time is a God given miracle. Praise God!

I wish to write about two more miracles in connection to the clothes collection campaign.
First one: money miracle.
In the beginning, when we were planning to send out the clothes, I was doing some preliminary work to find out the approximate cost of this operation. The Israeli side representative stated that they would be willing and able to organize the transportation and customs for 5300 euros. I though that if this is the plan and will of God then the funds will come. We opened a separate account for the Israeli support operation and began to to pray for the necessary funds to come.
At some point I felt that something was wrong, that the shipping cost should not be so high. So I began to search for organization in Estonia, which would be able to send the humanitarian aid to Israel. I ended up with two companies and their price offers were in the range of 1600-1700 euros. We continued to pray. There were not many donors as the donations that kept coming in were int the sum of 10 euros, some 50 euros. By the end of the year we had 750 euros and then there was silence, no additional funds came in.

After New Year’s Eve a man named Raul from Pärnu contacted me and inquired about the missing amount required for shipping. I answered that we were missing half of the required sum. After which he began to spread our message on Facebook and an additional 250 euros came in. Then there was another period of silence and it seemed that there was no possible way for any extra funds to come our way. When all seemed hopeless, I decided to write a letter of request for help to two Estonian Christian businessmen. One of them gave 100 euros and the other 25 euros, but we were stilling missing the required funds and quite a lot actually. Unexpectedly another person gave 50 euros and other two 10 euros. Then I sensed in myself, that “oil” aka cash flow has stopped flowing. At that moment we had 1200 euros, but we needed 1600-1700 euros. I asked God “what’s going on?” We have 1200 euros, but we need an additional 400-500 euros. I experienced silence and peace. The next day of the initial two companies made a new price offer. Their new price was 1200 euros. Yes!! Glory to God. The exact amount had come in.

Now I will write of the second miracle and this concerns Sander Kukk, who was of great help or to be more precise he was the key person in organizing the clothes aid. He received all of the clothes, bought hundreds of banana packaging boxes, found willing people to help with sorting, warehoused, tagged, weighed all of the clothes, arranged customs papers, carried all of the boxes into the shipping container and sent them to Israel.

Sander is a businessman, who sells auto parts for a very good price. At that moment, when I needed help in organizing the clothes aid from Tallinn, Sander decided to commit more of his time in organizing the clothes aid and less of it regarding his auto business. As Sander began to be involved in doing the Lord’s work, Satan did not like this one bit so he started to affect his business. In fact his business took a turn for the worst. Sander came to God and asked for help. God responded that He would help him. Now a week went by and his business was going even worse. Things became so bad, that Sander that did not have enough money to buy fuel or anything else for that matter. He though to himself, that he had probably overdone his part in doing work for the Kingdom of God, as nothing seemed to work. But Sander still believed that God is faithful and will help him. When he had managed to accrue some small debt, then something supernatural happened in his business. Clients started calling up Sander and supernaturally asking for a lot of auto parts. Orders came in through the window and the door and all of Sander’s needs were abundantly met.

God is faithful! Sander decided to sincerely commit in serving God, he was examined and Satan tried to get him to bow down financially, but God’s faithfulness is greater. I would like to thank every person, who helped even in the smallest detail of this undertaking. Whether by helping with the sorting of clothes, translation, financial aid, prayers etc.

I will add a link so that you can see where the clothes are headed to. You will see grateful people, who will receive life essential clothes, so that they can begin their new life in Israel. Not all Jews are rich.