Each trip is unique and adventurous. The latest is especially adventurous. There was opposition and attacks, but also God’s special favor and grace.

At the end of January, we were on a 10-day trip to Ukraine with fellow believer Aleksei Salumaa. We visited the city of Kiev and Uman.

Upon reaching Uman, it began to snow slightly, and the next morning there was 50 cm of snow. Such an abundance of snow was a big surprise for the region since they had not seen so much beautiful snow in a very long time. Studded tires are not mandatory in Ukraine, therefore all traffic in the city came to a halt for two days. People managed to travel, but not on wheels. Even Jeeps (SUV’s) did not drive because there was too much snow. Because traffic came to a halt, grocery store counters became empty very fast. After two days,tractors appeared out of nowhere and plowed the snow on the street and thus restored the status quo.

Food and the repair of Sergey’s house

When we arrived to Uman, we immediately began visiting familiar Jewish families and buying them food.

We also visited the lame Sergey, for whom we had been collecting money for a long time for the restoration of his residence. We bought building materials and the locals did construction work free of charge.

Sergei used to have only a kitchen and a room. The kitchen walls were curved. But now the kitchen walls and ceilings were straightened and painted, and new wallpaper was glued to the walls.

The old oven was repaired and covered with glazed tiles and the floor was covered with brand new linoleum. Furthermore, new interior doors were installed, a new room for the daughter and a new bathroom was built with a corner bath, sink and toilet bowl (previously there was no water in the house nor where there any washing facilities or toilets).

Thank you to all the contributors!

Six families

On this trip, we encountered Jewish women from Morocco, a Jewish man called Benjamin from Britain and a Jewish family from Moscow. I inquired of them all, whether they had thought about returning to their real homeland? They were not aware of the possibility of going to Israel, but they all expressed their desire in it.
In total, six families wanted to travel to Israel. I immediately contacted the organization Esra and asked them to assist with the formalization of the documents necessary for the return to their people’s historical homeland.
God has sent me as His “fisherman” in the midst of the Jews to help and guide them to their own homeland Israel (Jeremiah 16: 14-16).

Please pray for the Rosenbergs

I would like to dwell longer on a Jewish family that was staying temporarily in Uman. They traveled here ten months ago from Moscow. Nine months ago, the youngest child, a boy, was born to the family in Ukraine. All this time they lived in a cheap hotel room for which they initially paid 18 euros per day and in the last months 50 euros per month. There’s only a two centimeter thick mattress on the floor with sheets and blankets, and the room temperature is +18*C at most. For food, they have common cabbage, which they eat grated and cooked, for breakfast, lunch and supper. And this for weeks and months.

They only have summer clothes to wear. The local Christians have given them even warmer clothes, but while we were in Ukraine and it snowed heavily, they could not go outside as they had no proper warm boots.
So I purchased warm socks for all the children and winter boots for the whole family. I paid off the hotel bill for the first two months. I also bought food for the family, the best of the land. It’s impossible to put into words the joy, wonder and gladness that the children experienced when they saw chocolate.

Organizing the Jewish family’s trip to Israel is, to put it mildly, arduous. The youngest child does not have a birth certificate because the family did not have money to pay a state fee for the document. During their stay in Ukraine, the passports of the wife and all the children have ceased to be valid. Also, they did not have the necessary funds to travel with the whole family to to the Russian embassy in Kiev, which is 200 km away, in order to apply for the renewal of their Russian citizenship.

They need to produce passport photos and get new passports, which cost a lot of money, and then go back to Uman to wait for the passports. Then they will have to take again a bus to Kiev for their passports and then return to Russia. Why?
The oldest daughter in the family is from the wife’s first marriage. In order take the daughter out of the country, they must obtain a written notarial authorization from the daughter’s father. Only when they have these papers in hand will they be able to apply for the trip to Israel.

In Ukraine and Russia, there is no digital age like where we live. People have to go physically to the authorities and expect to receive documents for several months. The organization Esra has stated that it could take anywhere from six months to one year to handle the documentation of one Jew. They also have to live somewhere and eat something during the waiting period when they are expecting a reply. I often come upon such Jews when I’m in Ukraine. We can not help everyone, but we can help some. God will lead his people home, we have the opportunity to pave their paths, help them and bless them.

Please pray for the Rosenberg family: a powerful prayer of a righteous man makes a lot of power available.