At the end of December 2018, we sent a humanitarian aid load to Ukraine.
Our Finnish friends Asko Kiiskinen and Petri Kauhanen helped to gather a large number of pampers for children and the elderly.
The Finns, Joni and Kyösti, helped with the acquisition of new clothes, shoes and children’s food. Estonians also helped with clothes and footwear. We also bought Estonian candy and chocolate for the poor families in Ukraine. Furthermore, we managed to collect money and buy kosher candy for the children of the Jewish school in Odessa.


Our Ukrainian parters, led by Natalia Krizhanovskaya, met us halfway in Poland, where we transferred the goods from our cars to their cars and took the goods across the Polish-Ukrainian border. They distributed the humanitarian aid to people in need all over Ukraine.


Thanks be to every person who prayed for and supported this project by giving.
The people are grateful and happy.


You still have the opportunity to support our mission! Thank you.