At the end of April we organized a clean-up spree at the Jewish cemetery in Pärnu. The weather conditions were not of the best though as it was cold and raining, but friends of Israel and the Jewish people cannot allow themselves to be affected by the weather.

This year we raked together leaves and debris. We raked clean all known graves and pathways in the Jewish cemetery area, which comprises approximately 200 square meters of Alevi cemetery in Pärnu on the Riga highway. Large plastic bags were filled to the brim with leaves. Of the thirteen volunteers, three were from the Pärnu Jewish community, who felt sincere joy regarding the finished work and the friendly helping hands.

I am often asked why MTÜ Hea Isa has decided to support the Jews in what looks like a very unattractive way by carrying out cemetery cleanings.

Jewish cemeteries are in a sense a country’s one of many mentality barometers. Antisemitism is often expressed and has been unfortunately expressed in the recent past of the free state of Estonia by the brutal destruction of Jewish cemeteries in the guise of darkness prompted by unknown impulses of anger.

But a normal moral bearing society can not accept antisemitism nor any other nationality-based persecution. The Jewish spiritual heritage, that has laid the foundation for the whole European cultural space states that “if there is a stranger living in your land with you, then let him be among you as a native; love him as yourself, for you yourselves were strangers in the land of Egypt!”
Thanks be to every helping hand from Tartu, Tallinn, Viljandi, Riisipere and Pärnu.