In years, we have been supporting Estonians Jews with invacare and food.

Frequently, they are either isolated or older, sometimes also young.

Some of them have their own apartment, others lives in a nursing home.

In Estonia, if eldery lives in nursing home, all the pension goes to living expenses (plus relatives extra payments).

Elderly don’t own even a penny- but sometimes everybody want to buy somethings- So we brought them a little “fun money” so they can afford something.

The Jewish eldery’s pensions are not so big and they never say “No”” to extra food.

Each month, we deliver food to Tallinn, Pärnu, Põlva, Viljandi and to Valga’s Jews (unfortunately, we havent reached to East-Estonia, wheres  the needed is real)

We also helped the eldery with pampers from Finland.


Anatoly Bõstrov has donated invacare – wheelchair, invabed and walkers.

We have helped to make essential repairs and also supported financially.

One Jewish family, a single mother with three children, electricity was cut off  in the spring, because the winter electric bill (they have electricity heating), what was very high (350€), and she could not pay.

And then she lost her job. Now, she had 500€ debt ( electricity turning on charge is 150€), dark room and extinct refrigerator.

From Christians donations, we were able to pay off the debt.

Cause plenty of food, we have been able to help many needy people. In particular, large families, single people, the eldery and low-paid people.

To delivery food from Finland, we need refrigeration cars and warehouses for food storage and assemble food-packages for home delivery.

So far, the job has been done mostly by myself.Therefore, we are looking for energetic and faithful collaborators in every city, who are willing to help Jewish families with deliveries.

We need support points in every city with warehouse for storing food, also needed fridges