This time in Ukraine, we were accompanied by Eo from Türi Mission-Church and  the professional builder Argo K.

We drove near the Kiev to replace the roof of the building of Ezra accommodation.

Although the organization’s leader, Viktor had told us that the building materials and tools are available, so just please come and build, but the reality was something else.

There weren’t any materials and for tools, there were only 3 old axes and 2 larged hammers.

But the head of Ezra gave us 600 euros and an old car to drive to Kiev, to buy wood and bring it there.


Giant city, with a population of 6 million people is not easy to find a construction store, finaly, we got what we needed and brought it to Ezra.

We took the old roof down and we put in place new rafters, roof and rainwater gutters.

It took us a six full long days in the summer heat, which began at six o’clock in the morning and ended at 21 int the evening, in sun heat.

When the roof was ready,we drove to Bershad Messianic-church rabbi Oleg by bus from Kiev.

Their 150 members church and rehabilitation center helps the Jewish men and women to break free from alcohol and drugs.

Also, the church needs a humanitarian assistance and financial support.


We visited the olf Jewish cemetery, where Jews have been buried as “seated position”on the ground, that “When The Messiah comes back, they will stand up quicker”

We drove to Odessa about 8 hours by bus,which didnt have a air condition, only roof top window.

We also met Ezra’s workers in Odessa, who taught us to find a Jewish documents and formalize them.

In Odessa, we were striked by unbelievable heat wave, 39,5°C in the shade and 48°C in the sun. We went for a swim in the Black Sea.

After that, we drove to Umani with four hours. We visited the Jewish retirees, we bought food for them and pray for them. We organized the Shabbat for Jews seniors, served the table and invited a musician.

We prayed for all those were present.

Each month the Uman Jews need about 25-30 euros for the purchase of medicines and to organize Shabbat.

Messianic rabbi Pavel, who has served 15 year in different cities in Ukraine, finds that Umani the most mentally pressured city, which is reflected in the numbers on abortions and holds the record of the imprisoned men.

Pavel thinks that the reason is, in Umani, buried rabbi Nachman occultic (death) in the cult.

The Orthodox Jews think that died rabbi is Messiah by mistake, worshiping him and in every year, thousands of people are gathering and awaiting for his return.

About money value

One Jewish elder’s pension is 990 hryvnia (about 37€ , 1 €= 27 hryvnia), while a 1 litre gasoline costs  22 hryvnia.

One of the Jewish families had to swap out the apartment door. The door costs 3600 hryvnia and swapping out costs 200 hryvnia.

Seniors also needed for blood pressure machines – around 1500 hryvnia.

The last trip we gave money to Natalie and her daughter Olja to make passports, now they have them. Nex steps are foreign passports.

Olja’s another priority is to visit the eye specialist and to buy glasses.

Continuously is needed for mattresses and bed clothes for refugee arrivals or Jews, who are waiting to return to their homeland, in so-called intermediate stations.

I thank every one, who have prayed for Jews and supported that work.