The Lord put to my heart to help several Jewish families and to bring equipment for disabled  to Ukraine.

I booked tickets, but i didnt have money jet. However, i knew that im going for sure.

Flight tickets money came before departure (The glory to God and thanks to obedients people!)

In arrival to Kiev, i saw a brief vision that i’m in the hospital, praying for someone and God will heal him.

At the same time i knew that i have to visit hospital for several days in a row and just being present.

I had no idea, in what hospital it will happen and who is that person.

At the second night, head of the Jewish community called me and asked me to come quickly.

Doctors had to operate the 78 years old elderly, from community, for arm fracture, but she was so weak of recent breast cancer surgery.

They asked me to visit her.

So that was a confirmation for me. I visit hospital 4 days a row. I anointed Maria Abramovna (that was her name) with oil.

I just sat close to her bed and the Holy Spirit worked.

In four days, God healed her totally, she was happy and strong, so that she even could walk.



In Umani lives a one Jewish man, Sergei, who doesnt have legs and fingers.

In 2000, he had developed blood circulation disorders, feet  and fingers were amputated partly.

His only movement-tool was board on wheels, what was also useless-He could not get out from the house.

I found a mechanic, with engneering-minded and gold handed, in Tartu, who made a custom-made new board.

When Sergei received the gift, he said that is luxury like Mercedes-Benz.

Im seeking supporters to Sergei, from Estonia, who would send him moneu every month, so that he could at least buy medicines.

Sergei pension is 40 euros per month.

Please, let me know if You want to support Sergei.

Ukraine has a number of large organizations, who helps the Jews to get home, but they are active only in the big cities.

I felt like God’s fisherman,who meets people on his path by God.

I feed them, i buy medications, speak about Israel and the possibility to go there.

If a Jew contacts me, i’ll take him/her to large organizations, with whom we help him/her home.


We met a family alike, mother and daughter, 39 year old Natalie and her 16 year daughter Olja.

They didnt have nothing to eat and the girl had only one pair of clothes- However, a late teenager eats a lot and is growing rapidly.

In the grocery store, i said to Olja, that she may pick everything she wants. She asked if she could get a chocolate.

I put in the basket 4 smaller and larger chocolates.

Then she asked for a banana and juice and sausage. I bought everything, what child asked for.

These were very simple and basic foods. i was very happy, that i had opportunity to bless that family.

Natalie and Olja were ready to go Israel, i gave money to Olja for applying Ukraine’s passports.

After that is possible to apply for a foreign passports and make preparations for the mother and daughter’s actual departure to homeland.

It’s amazing, that large part of the people of Ukraine doesn’t have passports!