On this trip we had two-man team, Argo K was with me. We visited organization called “Ezra”,

which will also accommodate the Jews and prepares the documentation. Ezra’s leader is Viktor M.

We visited these accommodation in Dnepropetrovsk, we went to Umani and we brought EUR 1,800 operation money for Bershadi Jewish girl named Alina, which allows the child to speak better, to breathe and swallow.


In May,  when we recently visited Alina and her grandmother, Petri prayed for the girl.

Today, one of her eye were healed and she can look straight and no more “wondering eye”.

About this trip, you may listen it on the “Pereraadio” radio broadcast “Israel ja meie”, choosing a date 21:01. 2016 (here)  siit.