This time,we were in Ukraine with finland’s pastor called Petri Kauhanen, who is friend of Israel.

We bought food and made food packages. Each pack we put Israel’s postcard.

We experienced, that when people eat their food, but the postcards remained and Holy Spirit can speak to the Jews through postcard about their homeland.


In Umani, we visited the homes on the Jews and we prayed for them in the name of Abraham’s, Isaac’s and Jacob’s God.



In Bershad, where is Ukraine’s oldest surviving wooden synagogue and still has the old Torah (on the picture, the synagogue leader Michail demonstrates the Torah), we took food to Jews.


One of such family is Jewish grandmother with her 10-year granddaughter Alina. Alina’s mother is a drunk, the girl cannot breath, swallow and speak normally since her birth.

Also she has asquint “wondering eyes”. To help this girl to talk and breathe normally, it is necessary for the surgery, and it will cost.

I started a fundraising for the girl’s operation and we prayed for the girl with Petri.


We visited Odessa and three local synagogue with Petri.

Petri is a man who speaks in tongues and interprets them and moves in the Spirit.

In the hall of the synagogue, we sat with Petri to observe surroundings and the Jews.

Suddenly, one Jewish man came to us. He asked, where Petri is originated, also he asked the same question about me and i instantly answered that from Tallinn.

I was astonished. Im not from Tallinn, but Tallinn is still capital city of Estonia.

Then the Jewish man asked me to come front of the hall of synagogue, where they read Torah, he took Jewish belts, put them on me and gave me one verse from Torah to read.

After that, the Jewis man said, that i should to Chief Rabbi of the synagogue in Tallinn.

After removing these Jewish belts, i wanted to ask from the Jewish man, but he was disappeared suddenly.

Petri told me, that angels brings the message from God and then disappeare suddenly.