When Natalia K, christian worker “behalf Of Israel”, called me in march, then their rental house near to Kiev, was full of people and no food at all.

The rental house accommodate about 25 people and there is constantly a lot of Jews.

I contacted with friends and we quickly gathered 800 euros and i traveled to Kiev. I stayed on rental house for two weeks, serving the Jews with everything i got.

Cleaning rooms, cooking, being a driver, who drove people to doctor or to consultants to prepare the documentation and to the airport, from where they flew home, to Israel.


At the same time, there was a memeber of the israel’s Knesset in Kiev. They bought a large double-door refrigerator for the rental house, what is urgent to preserve food in intermediate stations.

I share a story about a family, who lives in Natalia K house.

They were forced to flee when the war began in Luhansk. When they arrived to Kiev, they married, but in Israel is a requirement that Jews should

return to their homes after being married for at least a year and one month. When a man alone were able to make preparations for the homecoming of the family, family was forced to leave behing about a year.

During this time (I witnessed by my myself) they lived Natalja’s “base”. Children went to school.

There are a lot of big-hearted people who constantly help the Jews – especially in Scandinavian countries, where others helping is natural as breathing, but also in Ukraine, where people are inherently open and kind.


We have to be grateful for the time, what is given to us, which helping is still possible.

In Kiev, everywere was heard Ukraine’s military war signal. Military aircraft circled above the city, causing a slight chilling and putting ourselves front of A God with a question: are we still in right place?

On the one picture, there were a big rice,flour, manna  etc bag, which we wrapped to plastic bags and we gave to people.