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Ukraina reis 2019

2019 aasta Ukraina reis 2019 aasta septembri kuus käisime kümnepäevasel Ukraina reisil. Minuga olid Ukrainas kaasas Eo Heinsar Türilt ja Märt Beilmann Pärnust.Lendasime lennukiga Riiast Odessasse. Esimesel päeval kohtusime Odessas pastor Federiga, kellel on Odessas mitu rep.keskust ja nad aitavad paljusid kodutuid. Selle organisatsiooni kaudu toimetame humanitaarabi Ukrainasse. Teisel päeval saime Odessas kokku eesti naise Merikesega. See kontakt tuli mulle väga eriliselt kaks nädalat enne Ukraina reisi. Ma ütleksin, et see oli eriline Jumala soosing ja Jumal tegi meile uued teed, avas uusi uksi! Merike elab Odessas juba kolm aastat ja peab seal ka rep.keskust ja samas aitab ka kodutuid lapsi. Nad...
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Latest news

2018 aasta oktoobri kuus alustasin supiköögi tegemist Viljandis

In October 2018, I started a soup kitchen in Viljandi, which lasted until May 2019. The premises was given to me by the Viljandi Paulus church. Every Wednesday we would have a prayer meeting at noon, where we would share the Word and after that, I would distribute soup to 30-50 people. The soup was primarily intended for the homeless and needy, with whom I would share the gospel, hand out tracts, pray for the sick and win people over for Jesus. It should be noted that the spirit of alcoholism binds most homeless people. Needy people came to eat soup from...
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Humanitarian aid to Ukraine, Kiev and Odessa!

At the end of December 2018, we sent a humanitarian aid load to Ukraine. Our Finnish friends Asko Kiiskinen and Petri Kauhanen helped to gather a large number of pampers for children and the elderly. The Finns, Joni and Kyösti, helped with the acquisition of new clothes, shoes and children's food. Estonians also helped with clothes and footwear. We also bought Estonian candy and chocolate for the poor families in Ukraine. Furthermore, we managed to collect money and buy kosher candy for the children of the Jewish school in Odessa.   Our Ukrainian parters, led by Natalia Krizhanovskaya, met us halfway in Poland, where...
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This autumn we have fundraising for sea containers


We need

About us

Non-profit organiszation “The Good Father”

The purposes of the activities are:

  • to provide practical aid to Israel and Jewish people, irrespective of their geographical location, also in the crisis situations;
  • to help needy people: widows, single mothers, the poor, homeless, the abandoned.

Areas for providing aid:

  • Food and clothings
  • Equipment for disabled
  • Maintenance and renovation works
  • Household appliances, etc

Actions taken so far

Non-profit organization ” The Good Father” has been active since year 2012.

In last 4 years we have delivered

  • 32 tons of clothes
  • 80 tons of food
  • sent 20 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Unofficially, as a personal goodwill initiative, Ants Opermann has done welfare work for single mothers, the homeless and needy people since year 1997.

Why are we doing this?

To the question, why to help the Jews and needy people, and is there no ulterior motive behind it, Ants Opermann answers:

“Since God told me to help the Jews and other needy people I help them. He didn´t have to say it twice.

I’ll do it, I like it and I’m blessed through it. God supplies, I am delighted.

Mother tells often that when Ants was 3 years old and he had two candies, he always gave one of the candies away.

It seems like I was born having giver´s and servant´s shoes on.

Waking up in the morning and thinking: „Whom and how can I help today?” is as natural for me as breathing.”