In October 2018, I started a soup kitchen in Viljandi, which lasted until May 2019. The premises was given to me by the Viljandi Paulus church. Every Wednesday we would have a prayer meeting at noon, where we would share the Word and after that, I would distribute soup to 30-50 people.

The soup was primarily intended for the homeless and needy, with whom I would share the gospel, hand out tracts, pray for the sick and win people over for Jesus. It should be noted that the spirit of alcoholism binds most homeless people.

Needy people came to eat soup from all over Viljandi County. Most had a place to live, except for one man. This name named Enno had lived on the street for 20 years. He had lived in Valga, Tartu and now for six years in Viljandi. As he is not registered in Viljandi, he does not receive any food or living assistance from the Viljandi social workers. Such are the laws in Estonia today; everything is still based on a person’s registered place of residence.

Enno was living adjacent to a rubbish dump in a tiny booth that had no floor. The man slept on blankets, which covered the floor. The roof was leaking and there were no windows or a front door. During wintertime, he would often wake up in the morning with his blankets covered in snow. His left foot is disabled and so he cannot walk well. Instead of a crutch, he uses bicycle on which he leans and moves around with. We spoke to him about Jesus, gave him food, clothes, a bed, a mattress and a new bicycle.

I began praying and searching for a place for Enno to live in, as he does not want to live in social housing with other drunkards. It would be possible to purchase a modular cabin for 1500 euros, but I did not have this kind of money. Furthermore, it would have to be rebuilt for Enno, so that it could hold a heater or a furnace, which would again require additional funds and I did not have an extra furnace lying around.



As I drove around Viljandi and prayed, I noticed a similar modular cabin on the territory of one company.  Therefore, I drove on to their territory and inquired about the company and its owner. They gave me a phone number. I was told that the territory belonged to two companies, which were owned by Valdur and Uno. The latter deals with forests and owns a sawmill, and the former is engaged in excavation work. They are not Christians, but they are successful entrepreneurs, who have big hearts.

For over 20 years, I have been helping large families, single mothers, the homeless, but this was the first time, where I saw people willing to sincerely help a man with a drunkards past so that he might have a new life!

I introduced myself and explained what I was doing and that I was looking for a modular cabin, that would be the size of 3×3 meters for a homeless man named Enno. The men told to me take the cabin that was located on their property. A day later they said that the cabin could stay on their territory and that I would have to take apart the floor, ceiling and walls and they would provide all the necessary materials, so that I could rebuild and insulate it. They would be willing to provide all new materials.


And so it went. With the help of the homeless, we managed to take everything apart and with Valdur we managed to rebuild it within a month. Uno provided new beams and insulation for the floor and the ceiling, and a furnace. Valdur acquired insulation for the walls and the ceiling, and ran a power cable to the cabin.

What’s more, Uno and Valdur acquired tin sheets, which allowed us to cover the roof and exterior walls. I could not even imagine that Enno would be getting electricity in his little home! We purchased screws and plywood from which we made a bed and cabinets for Enno. The area around the house was leveled, a toilet and a shelter was built for his bicycle and firewood. Homeless Enno got a new home of his own, that had a bed, glass cabinet, table, chairs, a furnace to warm the house in winter and a little electric stove to cook on. Enno bought himself a handsaw in order to cut firewood.


I discovered a passage from the Bible for Enno. Psalm 68:6 says: „God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity”.

Enno dreamed of having his own home, where could spend his later years and where his feet would not need to be cold. Twice his hands and feet had frozen during sleep. His parents were drunkards and when we has 16 years old, his mother passed away and his father gave the boy 5 rubles and ordered him to leave to start living on his own! This is how Enno ended up on the street and later in bad company, where he was attacked with a knife. Unfortunately, it did not stop there and he even managed to end up in prison one time, but he does not want to go back to his old way of life. God brought me together with Enno at the soup kitchen and there he got saved, received a new life and his very own home. Glory to God!

This October I will once again open up a soup kitchen and start preaching the gospel.

Enno, who now has a home, has asked for my help. He has an acquaintance, a 63-year-old man, who recently lost his home in a fire and he has no place to live. He promised to set up a tent in the forest this autumn. We need to help this man as well by setting up a similar small cabin.

Dear friend, if you have similar things in your heart and you want help people with such fates, please support our work. The amount does not matter. Whether it is five or five hundred euros, although five hundred euros can help a lot more. I personally am grateful for every euro!

Money can be deposited into the account of MTÜ Hea Isa (IBAN: EE271010220214386225; explanation: homeless work).