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Latest news

January 2018. Ten days in Ukraine

Snow Each trip is unique and adventurous. The latest is especially adventurous. There was opposition and attacks, but also God's special favor and grace. At the end of January, we were on a 10-day trip to Ukraine with fellow believer Aleksei Salumaa. We visited the city of Kiev and Uman. Upon reaching Uman, it began to snow slightly, and the next morning there was 50 cm of snow. Such an abundance of snow was a big surprise for the region since they had not seen so much beautiful snow in a very long time. Studded tires are not mandatory in Ukraine, therefore all...
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Latest news

Israeli evening in February 2108

On the evening of February 11th an Israeli evening was hosted at Türi Misjonikogudus with friends of Israel coming to celebrate from all over Estonia. The purpose of these events is to share the truth of God concerning Israel and the Jewish people and to stand by the state of Israel and its people, both in intercession and in action.   Pastor Neemo Raasik made an introductory statement and Peeter Võsi spoke about the current situation in Israel. Wonderful Israeli songs were sung by Margit Prantsus and the Israeli dance group Ma Navu danced for the people and taught them different Israeli dances. Ants Opermann...
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This autumn we have fundraising for sea containers


We need

About us

Non-profit organiszation “The Good Father”

The purposes of the activities are:

  • to provide practical aid to Israel and Jewish people, irrespective of their geographical location, also in the crisis situations;
  • to help needy people: widows, single mothers, the poor, homeless, the abandoned.

Areas for providing aid:

  • Food and clothings
  • Equipment for disabled
  • Maintenance and renovation works
  • Household appliances, etc

Actions taken so far

Non-profit organization ” The Good Father” has been active since year 2012.

In last 4 years we have delivered

  • 32 tons of clothes
  • 80 tons of food
  • sent 20 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Unofficially, as a personal goodwill initiative, Ants Opermann has done welfare work for single mothers, the homeless and needy people since year 1997.

Why are we doing this?

To the question, why to help the Jews and needy people, and is there no ulterior motive behind it, Ants Opermann answers:

“Since God told me to help the Jews and other needy people I help them. He didn´t have to say it twice.

I’ll do it, I like it and I’m blessed through it. God supplies, I am delighted.

Mother tells often that when Ants was 3 years old and he had two candies, he always gave one of the candies away.

It seems like I was born having giver´s and servant´s shoes on.

Waking up in the morning and thinking: „Whom and how can I help today?” is as natural for me as breathing.”